"You may never know what results come of your actions.

But, if you do nothing...

...there will be no results."

Mahatma Gandhi

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Who is Matt Ewer?

  • Certified Action Business Coach
  • Wide ranging experience of success in differing industries including FMCG, Recruitment, Sales, Marketing, Property and Sports Coaching.
  • Award winning business owner. Competitive and solution focused individual who sets high goals and achieves them for himself and his clients!


Since working with you, I am turning my good business into a truly great one. I have learnt to have fun, think outside the box and always ask the question, amongst many other invaluable things.

For anyone currently in business that thinks they MAY be able to improve, speak to Matt and he will help you DEFINITELY improve and far beyond what you thought was possible.

Samantha Rollins,

Director Trinity Accountants

The progress our business has made since we engaged Matt has been phenomenal, not just with increased revenue, but with our company structure and how we manage the team better.

We would highly recommend any business owner taking on board Matt as their coach…. It’s the best business decision we have made this year.

Lee Murphy,

Director Envisage Promotions LTD


Case Study: Simply Advanced

Case Study: Simply Advanced

Lynn, from Simply Advanced, had known Matt for a few years before deciding to work with him.  A conversation with one of his colleague piqued her interest and she signed up to attend his seminar in January of this year. The family business, run by Lynn and Nathan Baylis had already been going for five… Continue Reading

Plan to make the most of the business “new year”

There’s something very shiny about September.   A learned response from our formative years, when September meant the new school term, uniforms and shoes, brand new pens, stationery, new experiences and friends as we started our new schools or classes. Even now, many years after leaving school, there’s something special about September.  A bit like… Continue Reading

Case Study; Prodose

Case Study; Prodose

Case Study – Prodose Customer: Matt Sears Company: Prodose Started working with Matt: March 2017 Services used: PlanningCLUB, 121 Coaching Matt Sears, and his 2 co-directors at Prodose, first spoke to ActionCOACH as a result of a call they received from the ActionCOACH team. The call was made to identify whether Prodose were facing any… Continue Reading

COACHING; not just for sports

COACHING; not just for sports

A lot of people are put off working with a business coach because they don’t like the idea of someone coming in to their business and telling them how to run it, particularly if the business coach they’re talking to has no experience in their particular industry.Would it help if I tell you that’s not… Continue Reading

Case Study; Envisage

Case Study; Envisage

“We planned out what we need to do to achieve the figure, got everyone in the business focussed on it, and went for it. That consistent and clear focus made all the difference, and we achieved the numbers we wanted.”   Customers: Nichola Clydesdale and Lee Murphy Company: Envisage Promotions Started working with Matt: December… Continue Reading

Planning your climb up the ladder of success

Planning your climb up the ladder of success

Building a successful business is like climbing a ladder – every rung you climb takes you closer to the top.  But that ladder can look like a very long one, stretching out up to the sky, and bringing you out above the clouds.  Without a planning your climb, it’s easy to understand why so few… Continue Reading

Case Study: Stonewall Security

Case Study: Stonewall Security

“As well as speeding up our journey towards our goal, working with Matt has given us the confidence to make that goal bigger, whilst creating a better work life balance whilst we work towards it.  Life is good.”   Customer:  Clare Garrod Company: Stonewall Security Started working with Matt: February 2016 Services used: 121 Coaching,… Continue Reading

Sell less, help buy more

Sell less, help buy more

How to sell to your customers or… how to professionally help them to buy. If the thought of picking up the phone, or sitting down in front of someone and giving them the hard sell induces panic symptoms from sweaty palms to physical sickness, all it might take is a change of mindset to improve… Continue Reading

Business Planning: Your Route To Success

Business Planning: Your Route To Success

Undertaking your business planning, is a little like planning a journey…… If you want to get somewhere, there are loads of things you need to think about before you even set off: • WHY you’re on the journey • WHERE you’re going • HOW you’re going to get there • HOW LONG it will take you to get there… Continue Reading

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