Planning; Are you really building the business of your dreams?

Planning; Are you really building the business of your dreams?

Imagine a builder came to you and told you he would build you the house of your dreams.  How great would that be?

But what would your reaction be if you asked to see the architects plans, and he told you that there weren’t any?  How would you react if he couldn’t tell you how much the house was going to cost to build?  Or how about if he didn’t know how many bedrooms it was going to have, or when it would be finished, because he would work it all out as he was going along?  You’d think he was mad, surely.

The potential for the house of your dreams to become a reality will have disappeared as quickly as that builder.

Now ask yourself the same questions again about the business that you’re building…

Do you have a plan?  Do you have all of your finances worked out (and that includes how much you want your business to make you, not just how much it’s going to cost to run).  Do you know what your end goal is for your business – the point at which you can say, “I’ve achieved what I set out to achieve.  I have achieved success”.  Are you really building your dream business.

Without any plans, you can’t know that it will be sturdy or safe.  Without a budget, there’s no way of knowing if you could afford it.  Without a specification of some description, there’s no way of knowing if it’s your dream that’s being built. And without an end date, how can you know that it will still meet your needs when it’s finished?

If you’re struggling with the reality that you’ve got to a point with your business where the goal has become blurred, you don’t know the numbers inside out, you can’t see any end to the daily grind, or it’s just got to the point where you’re not enjoying it any more, then you’re in luck.  Click here to find out why

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