Sell less, help buy more

Sell less, help buy more

How to sell to your customers or… how to professionally help them to buy.

If the thought of picking up the phone, or sitting down in front of someone and giving them the hard sell induces panic symptoms from sweaty palms to physical sickness, all it might take is a change of mindset to improve your team sales results and help your customers to buy.

So you´ve got a great product or service… but shudder at the thought of putting on your pinstripes and hitting the streets to sell your wares?  

It´s hard to make someone feel good about your product or service with such negative feelings clouding the atmosphere, so it is no wonder that your conversion sell rates might not be as high as you would like.

The aim is to change the situation from asking a prospective customer to give you money to providing a solution to their problem at an accepted value.

When it comes to selling successfully, it really can be as simple as changing your belief about what it is to sell. 

If you have a negative perception of selling, then your communication will be negative.  Change your belief, and you’ll change your behaviour.

First, get clear on exactly what your offer achieves.

With hope, your product or service was designed to help or benefit in some way… if not, might be a good idea to work on that first!

But seriously, take some time to get down on paper with pen all those great things that your product or service brings and the specific ways that it improves the lives of its owner.

These should be concrete, tangible things that only the possession of your product or receipt of your service can bring.

If you´re not sure, or want some confirmation, your prospective and existing customers could even be able to tell you. And all you have to do, is ask them.

Next, comes a change of mindset from you.

Now that you are crystal clear on what it is that makes you so great, learn it. Make it your daily mantra so that you and your team are always well prepared to make these benefits understood.

Embracing this belief, this knowledge that you are helping your customers makes it so much easier to pick up the phone to tell them exactly how.

Now, it is all in the delivery.

As an ActionCOACH I know that my products and services are great! I know that they have truly massive impacts on the business and personal lives of my clients.  And I know that I can help almost all of the people I speak to, in one way or another.  

But who wants to listen to that?!

My role is to help them to buy what they need to solve their problems.

Have you ever… ever ever ever… bought something resulting from a pushy cold call or leaflet?!

No? Me either

When speaking with potential clients, I listen to them.  I hear their problems and make them aware of how I can help them to solve those problems, which helps them to buy what they need.   

I have a strong belief that I can help business owners, and in turn they have a positive reaction.  

Sell less, help buy more.

So next time you’re getting in a flap about cold calling or meeting your next hot prospect… change your thinking.  It’ll change everything.

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